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Let's collaborate for transformative success. Our GTM platform optimizes offline distribution for consumer durable brands through data, networks, and supply chains.

30+ Brands
40+ Cities
3000+ Engaged Retailers
3,00,000+ Monthly Walk-ins

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Elevate your brand's reach: Partner with us for a new era of offline sales success.


We specialize in pinpointing the ideal geography to accelerate your offline sales growth with our advanced geo-intelligence, guaranteeing remarkable success.

Demand Forecasting

We excel at forecasting demand for your unique SKUs, empowering you to plan production meticulously and optimize your sales funnel with precision.


Leveraging our expansive retail base, we expertly execute soft launches for your brands with precisely calibrated pricing and optimal SKUs, significantly elevating the likelihood of widespread brand acceptance.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain prowess lies in strategically partnering with key collaborators, ensuring efficient fulfillment at optimal costs, adding substantial value to your operations with unwavering confidence.

Post Sale

As sales soar, our unwavering commitment steps in to elevate your customer experience, delivering unparalleled service excellence through our top-tier service partners.