How it works:

User comes to the platform, select appliance category he wants to buy and answer the series of questions


Step 1:

Get product recommendation (You just saved two weeks of efforts & time)

Al-based recommendation engine to enable smooth product discovery by understanding their needs, usage habits, previous buying, geo-analytics, etc.

Step 2:

Interact with the product (Now You don't need to visit multiple stores)

Integrated 3D models and AR views allow customers to interact with the products better.

Interact with the product & you are half way there!

Step 3:

Checkout and order placement(See, you can buy appliances online)

Standard checkout with EMI

Step 4:

Delivery (90% work done)

Delivery with 24 hours

Step 5:

Installation (We love you and this time it's forever )

Product demo and installation at it's best

Product demo and installation at it's best